Set up in 2000, SMU Bizcom is the Business Development Arm of the SMU Students' Association.

Bizcom aims to enhance student welfare through student events, partnerships with corporate clients and through monetary contributions to SMUSA and student life activities. We regularly interact with a multitude of sponsors to secure only the best deals for SMU Students and Staff.

Our mission: To be the Business Development Arm of SMUSA with credible reputation that enhances SMU students’ welfare through organizing school-wide events and corporate partnership to provide student discounts.




The Events team promotes a vibrant and wholesome student life through organising freshman bash, welfare drives and other exciting events for students. The team is always on a look out for sponsors for events.


The Business Development team serves as a platform for merchants to reach out to the SMU Community by offering them a set of exclusive privileges and enjoying their patronage in return.
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The Marketing team manages SMUDGE, a newsletter that showcases all the exclusive privileges with the merchants. They send out emailers frequently to the SMU Community and help merchants reach out through Bizcom's social media platforms, roadshows, offline posters and website.
If you're interested, drop us an enquiry on our events timeline at bizcom@sa.smu.edu.sg.