SMUSA-Bizcom CCA Scholarship

About the award
Established in 2007, the Scholarship is available to full-time undergraduates at the Singapore Management University. It seeks to motivate the University’s exceptional students' talents who have contributed substantially to the SMU community and to spur them to greater heights of excellence, as well as provide recognition for outstanding student leaders who are in financial need.

Eligibility Criteria
• Full-time undergraduates proceeding to second or third year of study
• Any nationality
• Active CCA or community involvement with proven leadership qualities
• Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00
• Interest in promoting entrepreneurship to SMU students would be advantageous
• Demonstration of interest in participating in SMU alumni activities
• Demonstrated financial need
• Past recipients will not be eligible to be considered

Benefits of awards
• $5,000 (towards subsidized tuition fees)
• Tenable for one year of study
• May be in concurrent receipt of a bursary for cash allowance, subject to fulfilment of its eligibility criteria

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SMUSA-Bizcom Student life Award

About the award
Established in 2007, the Award seeks to recognise and support students who embraced a holistic and well-balanced education by venturing beyond academic studies and actively involving themselves in community work, CCAs or entrepreneurial pursuits.

Eligibility Criteria
• Full-time undergraduates of any nationalities
• Good CCA/community involvement with proven leadership qualities
• Active involvement in community work, CCAs or entrepreneurial pursuits
• Preference for students with demonstrated financial needs
• The Awards will only be given if there are candidates of sufficient merit.

Benefits of awards
• Certificate and $500 Cash Prize
• Award recipients may be required to work with SMUSA-BIZCOM in its operations/ activities.

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